Amorino | Gelato al Naturale
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About us

Created by Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, two Italian childhood friends, Amorino was born in 2002 in the heart of Paris on Ile St Louis and now counts over 180 locations in 15 countries delighting connoisseurs around the world with its finest quality gelato made according to traditional Italian methods.

Amorino is considered the best European gelato brand, boasting over 24 flavors of gluten-free gelato and fat-free sorbet as well as seasonal flavors. With its iconic gelato flower cone, carefully constructed petal by petal in as many flavors as patrons desire and with the use of the highest quality in 100% natural ingredients, Amorino is a fast growing brand all about taste and the experience.

Amorino will offer a variety of other treats like shakes, Italian cafe pastries, chocolates and gelato-filled macarons, Belgian waffles, French crepes, ten flavors of hot chocolate, as well as cappuccinos, espressos, tea, and lattes.

Amorino arrived in the United States in 2011 with the first store in the West Village, New York. There has since been an important expansion across the United States including Massachusetts, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and California.


Calories : 2 gelatos = 1 ice cream
Fat : 5 gelatos = 1 ice cream
Calories from fat : 6 gelatos = 1 ice cream
  1. Gelato is made out of milk, not cream.
  2. Serving temperature higher avoiding to freeze your mouth and letting flavors come out.
  3. The message is that desserts can be great, without a load of calories or artificial sweeteners.

Amorino Stores


Home deliveries

Taste the Amorino experience directly at home. We can deliver the final and most important of your meal: the dessert! Order online and in up to 45 minute you can enjoy our great flavors at home. All stores have partnerships with the most important delivery companies on the market.

In-store Events

Come and celebrate your special event with Amorino. We offer full event packages at our stores. This service includes gelato, drinks and fun activities behind the gelato case (do-your-flower-cone class and contest for kids and adults!). All events can be customized depending on your needs and ideas!

Catering and Banqueting

Bring the Amorino Experience to your beloved ones! Service available for weddings, private parties, receptions, baby showers, birthday parties or business events and meetings.

For these occasions we have two options available:
    • A dedicated Amorino Gelato cart, the symbol of street food served and enjoyed at a pleasant, relaxed pace.
    • A mini-gelato case for your private events.

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